Magic of Morning Screensaver

Magic of Morning Screensaver

Magic of Morning Screensaver will show you the most beautiful sunrises ever

Magic of Morning Screensaver will surround you with the most beautiful sunrises you have ever seen.
This awesome screensaver will take you in an imaginary trip to the woods, a few moments before sunrise.
And I might even be wrong saying imaginary.
The images are so realistic and high quality that you can almost feel the coolness of the morning dew on your skin.

You will see different scenes as time passes. Start with a barely clear horizon and the top of the trees surrounded by the morning fog.
Then, there will be more light, and the first faint rays of the sun start to appear.

You will just stare in amazement and relaxation when the first tip of the sun shows up in the horizon, while painting the clouds with combinations of yellows, oranges and reds.

But the Magic of Morning Screensaver doesn’t stop here.
All the time you will be listening to the sounds of the forest.
A couple of birds, maybe an owl, even the sound of the trees as they move with the gentle breeze.

All these elements put together will give you an experience that you will enjoy time after time.

Fernando Soni
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  • Really beautiful
  • Very relaxing
  • Excellent atmosphere


  • More scenes would be great
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